3 weeks into a double study load… and we are still OK

So we are now into week 3 of the Uni Semester. And I am still here! All of my TAFE work has been submitted on time which is a huge plus. I was worried that by this stage i would be rocking in a corner somewhere.

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House Work Wednesday

So twice is a pattern isn’t it? I am getting there with trying to get at least this post done each week.

So I really think there was an improvement from last week.

My study

Such a gorgeous living area. I feel so lucky to be living in this house.

Dishes are cleared from the kitchen and benches have been wiped and mostly cleared too. Although I currently have most of my SHE card file spread out on the bench.

Mischief has left some of her drawing stuff on the table but at least all of the dishes are cleared.

Housework Wednesday

So that house inspection that I was so confident of passing… yup I flunked it. She is coming back in 2 weeks to re-inspect. Apparently our agent is known around town for being a complete hardass. So we have a list of stuff she wants fixed, some of her complaints were completely fair:

  • Grass growing in the garden beds – although it was there before we moved in
  • oven dirty – I have no excuse, none at all, I just didn’t get there.
  • mould in the showers … yeah lets not even go there I am squicked out as well. But it was little enough that I genuinely just missed it. Note to self exit mould is my friend in this house!

But some of it was just ridiculous:

  • The back patio needs sweeping
  • the floors aren’t vacuumed – I vacuumed them 2 days before I just hadn’t done them before she arrived.
  • the door tracks had grass in them – as in dead grass from when we mowed the lawns 2 days ago….
  • Moody’s bedroom was messy
  • There was (shock horror) hair on my ensuite floor…

So Housework Wednesday

IMG_1146There are some minor bits and pieces that have changed since yesterday chiefly among them that he kitchen was MUCH neater and Mayhem’s shoes weren’t in the middle of the lounge but this is what she was pretty much looking at and we still got busted. But lesson learned, when the agent is a hardass play the game and sweep the damn floors!! But seriously I have an oven cleaning kit sitting in my kitchen and have already exit moulded the showers (I think that will become a weekly habit actually đŸ™‚ ).

Housework Wednesday

So this week has been tougher than most, and I’m not quite sure why at the moment as a result the house has suffered. I can make excuses about being sick (which I have been), being lazy (which I have been) being caught up (which I have been) but all in all it is pretty much an unremarkable week culminating in a mess!! So this afternoon (after sword practice, must not forget the sword practice for Moody) I will be climbing back onto the horse and whipping this house back into shape.  In the meantime: Continue reading

Housework Wednesday

So I have realised one of the benefits to doing this every Wednesday morning. It shows me where the mess is, I had been sitting in the study fairly content in how the house looked before I went to take these pics and now I know that as soon as I have finished here I will be going out to tidy up. The advantage though is that there is no pre-prep for these photos. I haven’t cleaned up in preparation for taking them, I haven’t tidied up or wiped anything down. This is our real house just after the morning crazy.

So without further ado:

So in the study you can see my Avon case that I have hauled down to get something out of the box below it and a couple of pairs of my dirty socks and shoes as I usually come in here to stretch and he a chat with The Man in the mornings after my runs. The shoes at least are from this morning, see:


I am slower than a turtle stampeding through peanut butter but I ran!

Anyway back to the task at hand, the kitchen is neat enough, I am happy with it but the lounge definitely needs a pickup as does the bedroom (I blame this room on The Man, no matter what I do his clothes NEVER end up in the basket!).

But to be honest I am happy that the house will probably need a quick tidy and a regular clean before our rent inspection tomorrow… Yeesh!

Housework Wednesday #2

Oh No!! Housework Wednesday is here again and I see no improvement! In fact there is even more mess I would be pretty confident to say….

But to be honest allot of the mess is either moving chaos, The Man mess (he has been home for the last 2 days and only went back to work this morning!) or I just CANNOT be bothered mayhem.



So to sum up the Mess Makers have been running riot in the lounge room but  that can all pretty much be picked up by the end of the day. Aside from the box on the coffee table, that I cannot pick up and it will have to wait for The Man because it is full of kids books and is VERY heavy.

The dining room is pure moving chaos. There is stuff everywhere. it is not pretty but it is the place that made the most sense for stacking boxes.

The kitchen is just me not being bothered today. I have picked up bits and pieces but I will finish it off before The Man gets home tonight.

The master bed? That I can’t explain.