Working again!

So the biggest news of the day so far is that I HAVE A JOB!

I could not be more excited. Not only is it really local (less than 20 minutes door to door) but it is also full-time and and admin job!! I am back in an office baby!

I have gone out and bought a few new tops in preparation and have aready started as of Thursday which has been super exciting. The office is small and is based in the warehouse which means that it is your typical warehouse office, small and has a very haphazard quality to it, BUT the people are lovely, and the product is good.

But they NEED an administrator badly. I saw their electronic files and about had a heart attack! It was insane! They have no stationary account set up, they have excel spreadsheets they are using for their work which are good, but all over the place. I am so excited to dig in and start fixing stuff!


The juggle is already proving to be difficult, I need to have the kids at daycare in the early morning which is proving to be a challenge. In order to get taken to school the latest they can arrive is 8 am and we almost missed that today. So it is something to work on.

The upside is that I now have a key to work which is AWESOME and I am soon to get a buzzer to get into and out of the gate (because they shut it at 6pm… which means no getting out if I am late at work, which means that provided that I am careful I can stay until the kids need to be picked up!

Outside of work things are ticking along. I am learning *slowly* to be more proactive. Taking care of things before I *feel* like it… not an easy task for a procrastinator but necessary if I want to have everything run smoothly from now on!

The kids are adapting to their new classrooms and years. Even Mischief has taken to doing her homework MOSTLY without complaint which is a nice change from practically having to tie her to the chair last year (no children were harmed in the persuit of homework completion I promise!). She has voluntarily asked to do her homework reading which is AMAZING. I think she has finally realised that it is actively holding her back from her work.

3 weeks into a double study load… and we are still OK

So we are now into week 3 of the Uni Semester. And I am still here! All of my TAFE work has been submitted on time which is a huge plus. I was worried that by this stage i would be rocking in a corner somewhere.

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Dating as a single mum

I can’t say that I have dated much as a single mum. The first time I became a single mum I pretty much lived as a hermit, I met my first boyfriend at work and then about a year after that finished I met Tinman again at a funeral of a mutual friend. This time around I have been a bit more proactive but not by much. I have signed up to a couple of dating sites (I actually signed up to the first one the same night he walked out, in an attempt to reassure myself that there were decent men out there…. I am almost entirely sure that was a mistake!) and have had some interest thrown my way but I have just found that throughout this first year I am just not interested, or rather no-one has had me interested enough to get past the first date. Continue reading

End of Semester FINALLY

Wow this semester really kicked my butt!! I mean REALLY kicked my behind. I knew that Research Methods was never going to be a cake walk because HELLO statistics. But I wasn’t quite prepared for the full reality of the situation. This is the first time that I have genuinely felt completely out of my depth in this course and boy did it show!! I will be lucky to have passed if I am being perfectly honest. But I suppose the saving grace is if I fail then I can re-take the module. Continue reading

Housework Wednesday

So that house inspection that I was so confident of passing… yup I flunked it. She is coming back in 2 weeks to re-inspect. Apparently our agent is known around town for being a complete hardass. So we have a list of stuff she wants fixed, some of her complaints were completely fair:

  • Grass growing in the garden beds – although it was there before we moved in
  • oven dirty – I have no excuse, none at all, I just didn’t get there.
  • mould in the showers … yeah lets not even go there I am squicked out as well. But it was little enough that I genuinely just missed it. Note to self exit mould is my friend in this house!

But some of it was just ridiculous:

  • The back patio needs sweeping
  • the floors aren’t vacuumed – I vacuumed them 2 days before I just hadn’t done them before she arrived.
  • the door tracks had grass in them – as in dead grass from when we mowed the lawns 2 days ago….
  • Moody’s bedroom was messy
  • There was (shock horror) hair on my ensuite floor…

So Housework Wednesday

IMG_1146There are some minor bits and pieces that have changed since yesterday chiefly among them that he kitchen was MUCH neater and Mayhem’s shoes weren’t in the middle of the lounge but this is what she was pretty much looking at and we still got busted. But lesson learned, when the agent is a hardass play the game and sweep the damn floors!! But seriously I have an oven cleaning kit sitting in my kitchen and have already exit moulded the showers (I think that will become a weekly habit actually 🙂 ).

We’re moving!!


We were always going to be moving. That was always in the plan of the next few months but it hasn’t really been mentioned because it’s not really relevant to study, then I realised that I have a solid 6 months before I even START to study!! So how to fill the next 6 months? Well I will be going through my planning process, my purchasing of stationary and tools, my initial expectations etc. BUT there is another side to this blog, it’s not ALL about study it’s also about being a MUM! So I figure I should probably let you in on the family side of things. The biggest part of which at the moment is that we are moving literally across the country from Sydney NSW to a regional centre in WA. A big part of this is due to The Man’s work, but we were perfectly happy where we were in regards to his work and probably wouldn’t have changed except we have had some extended family health issues that have become pressing and we want to be able to offer support to the people affected which is a bit hard to do from 3 000 km away! So we are moving.

The Man is excited because he gets to head up his own hotel which has a food and beverage section in a place that he has always wanted to live since he was a child – his family used to holiday in the town that we are moving to every year all through his childhood and teenage years and his parents still continue that tradition every year to this day.

I am excited because it moves me closer to my uni which means that should I potentially need to use the library or something I can probably manage to get in there for a few hours on a weekend (it will probably require an overnight stay at someone’s house but it is possible), and we are close enough to my family to spend some decent time with them but far enough away to avoid the family crazy (we are a family of women…. gossipy women… who all have very strong opinions…).

The kids are mostly confused, but happy Moody will get to see his biological father more which is a good thing, and all of the Mess Makers will get allot more exposure to their extended family. Mischief keeps asking when we are going to move, “can we go on the plane today?” which is adorable, it becomes not so adorable when she then chucks a tantrum when told not today but soon. Mayhem is his usual adorable self and is getting caught up in the excitement of the other two.

So for the next few weeks we will be caught up in moving frenzy, then the weeks after that will be unpacking frenzy. Hopefully by the end of October I will know for sure whether I got into uni and then we can start moving towards actually starting!


So I started this blog just as a way of chronicling my study years which is probably me making a huge assumption, you see, I am currently waiting to hear back about an application that I put in for one of the local universities. I am planning on studying a double major of psychology and counselling while my kids are fairly little so that hopefully once they are a little more independent I will be able to rejoin the workforce at a reasonable rate of pay rather than the current position I am in where my skills are either on the decline or are outdated.

So as for the “mum” part of the url? I have 3 kids: Messy – a 9 year old boy with ADHD, Mischief – a 4 year old girl who isn’t naughty but you need to be aware of when she is too quiet, and Mayhem – a 2 year old boy who’s gift seems to be causing mayhem in our house. Of course I am ridiculously in love with all of my kids but I am by no means a pinterest mum (although I will absolutely admit to being addicted to that site!). My kids don’t do allot of way out art projects and their scrapbooks are woefully neglected. But we have fun. The final human member of our family is The Man who is of course the man of the house. His career is in hospitality which means we have had the joy of being able to experience different parts of our country while following his career. We also have 2 animal members of the family Dude an 11 year old one-eyed-ewok-wannabe and Sammy who is a 3 year old cat.

So I guess that until I hear back from the uni whether or not I got in that is about all I have to say! See you as soon as I have word.