I belong to a forum, and a lady posted there today about feeling inadequate, about how her ex partner had told her that he loved her but that he needed her and 20 other women to be fulfilled. Which got me thinking about feeling inadequate. It’s a feeling I am very familiar with. I have felt inadequate in one way or another for most of my life. I can remember one of the girls I was friends with in primary school, she had long flowing hair that her mother had never cut (my hair was always short because my Mum hated dealing with long hair) and could play the piano beautifully (I wanted to play the piano but it wasn’t something that I had ever told my parents). I felt positively inadequate next to her. These days I feel inadequate next to one of my favourite girl-friends. She is a single Mum to 4 kids and makes it look easy (meanwhile I am over here tearing my hair out most days), decorates the most beautiful cakes, achieves spectacular marks at uni and is generally an all around badass. Next to her I feel small. Continue reading