January challenge is off track

So I set myself a challenge at the beginning of the month to exercise 5 days a week for the month of January. I figure that at the end of 4 weeks I should then have formed a habit more or less.

Unfortunately I have had to make an emergency trip to the big smoke meaning that the wheels have officially fallen off between the long drive followed by several late nights. That said I picked it up this morning after running an errand and got into the gym at 7am. As it wasn’t my gym I was required to pay a one off visitors fee of $20 which is more than I pay for my weekly membership at my regular gym!! Insane!

That said I got to follow through on my second workout routine for the first time today which was awesome. I also got a chance to try deadlifts with the heavy bar, although as I couldn’t get the clips on properly I spent the entire time stressing over whether or not I was going to start dropping plates off the sides. There was no issue in the end but I am so glad to be going back to my regular gym for my next workout.

I am pretty sure that I will be restricting my workouts to running and body weight exercises when I am in the big smoke from now on because unless it is urgent $20 is a ridiculous amount to pay for one visit to a gym.

As for my running I have had a serious victory since my last fitness post in that I conquered 5km! I did it! I am slow, ridiculously so but I did it!


My weight is still holding steady and I haven’t done any of my measurements for a couple of weeks but I am pretty sure that I have self sabotaged by eating far too much junk recently. Once I get home that will be changing. Hopefully then I will have something more positive to report.