Quiet holidays

These holidays have been very quiet. We have spent most of the time at home to be honest. Mainly due to finances, which sucks. Although the Mess Makers did have the chance to go out to the zoo with the OutLaws which was a wonderful day for them and allowed me to get some of my study done.

kids at the zoo  2016 (50).JPG

The OutLaws were lovely to take them and said that they had fun as well which is wonderful, although Moody did pull a stunt at the end of the day which meant that he got a talking to not just from them but from me as well. The joys of raising children. He decided to help himself to the snacks that were left-over from the trip which wouldn’t be such a big deal but he went into the bag to get them, lied about it and then attempted to hide the evidence. Mother OutLaw was not impressed and neither was I. So we all sat him down and had a chat about it.

Meanwhile I am approximately 3 weeks behind on my study load which has me stressed to the max. Over the last 2 weeks my productivity has waned due to being exhausted. I have pretty much been up studying until 11 or 12 at night due to getting nothing done during the day as the kids have the TV going in the lounge most of the day (even when they aren’t watching but the second you turn it off they “were watching that” – apparently even through walls….) and want my attention a whole lot of the time. I love them but there have been times when I have just wanted to scream because I need to concentrate and they just want to be on top of me!! There has been no flow happening at all!

Mind you they are very sweet kids and it has been nice to get all of the extra cuddles. I am a bit sad that tomorrow will be the first day of term 2. But I am thrilled that I will be able to sit at my desk and concentrate for most of the day tomorrow! Not to mention being able to go for a run! We have the Mothers Day Classic coming up weekend after next, it is 4km and I booked in months ago thinking it would be fine, then I stopped running about a month ago!! NOT GOOD!!

The next few weeks though are going to be busy. I have a case study for existential/humanistic therapy and I am not really exactly sure about ANY of what we have learned. Then I have a research report due and OMG!! Last I have another case study due for Children and adolescent therapy… then we are in the last week of semester and then it is study week and then EXAM TIME!!! Holy hell! But it could be worse. I could have 5 or 6 assignments due.

All of that said though my planner has been evolving and changing as the semester has gone on. There are bits that I haven’t even touched, bits that I have used religiously, things that I have thrown away (washi tape and I are not friends… perhaps it was just that it was cheap and nasty tape?). But I promise to share a bit more about it once I have it a bit better sorted and a bit better set up.

It has already saved my financial bacon once by reminding me ahead of time that my car registration was due today. Which means that I managed to pay it last week and then note down when it will next be due.  Mind you managing the finances would be a bit easier with a little more money. To be honest this whole single parenting thing sucks in that respect. I can tell you right now I don’t know a single mother who is “living on easy street”. It’s a tough gig financially!

Any tips on saving some cash?
Planner pages you use to keep life in order?

So much crazy and yet utterly ordinary

So the Mess Makers have all been at school for the last few weeks which has been alternately AWESOME! But also a little bit sad, I miss having the babies around for those extra days and the house is so quiet when they aren’t all here! I never thought I would be sad that they are all at school but for the minute it’s true. Mind you I am expecting that to change a bit once I get started back at uni…. which happens on MONDAY!! Cue the scream of terror:


I have just gone through and printed out the course outlines and entered all of the dates into my planner and written out allot of the readings into my uni-pages. IMG_3791

My planner isn’t pretty but I am really hoping it’s going to be functional. :).

I have got a small issue that the readings for COU3101 aren’t actually listed in the course plan they are simply listed under each module… so helpful. So I have all of the modules printed out and am simply going to print them a week ahead so that I have them on hand for when I need them. Right now my reading pile for week 1 looks like this:


Yup… I am FREAKING OUT!! But in a good way. So let the madness begin.

But in the meantime this weekend is going to be fun. Mischief and Mayhem have dance class first thing on Saturday (yay!) which they are both enjoying. Then almost straight away (we get an hour in-between to get back to the car and get ourselves sorted) we have hockey tryouts for Moody and Mischief. I figure they can do it for a season, if they love it great, if not then they can give it away but it gives them a grounding in another sport at least. Mayhem was all sorts of devastated when he found out he couldn’t participate but they only do 5 and up and he is not yet 5 unfortunately. Cue the big blue eyes welling with tears and the very pouty bottom lip. He is beyond adorable when he sulks.

After all of that fun Mischief and Mayhem are going to Nanna’s for the night and Moody is going to his Dad’s, which means MAMA GETS A NIGHT OFF!! I have a very clear idea of what I am going to do, it involves sitting on a dark beach all alone. I am so looking forward to it. Then Sunday morning I have all to myself as well so the current plan is to get up early and go for my long run which will be 4 miles which is about 6.5km. I am working from an American training plan but given that the race I want to run is tracked in miles it seems appropriate. 🙂

So life is a moving with that normal crazy making everything is going so fast and yet SO. VERY. SLOW pace which is maddening and really really fun. I can’t wait to see what this semester brings.

Good luck to all of the students out there.


Friday Fitness and parenting stuff

Not allot has been happening over the last few days. But it’s Friday! :).

So I have shimmied back into my size 14 jeans again. I am officially back to square 1. Very disappointed. But that is what 6 weeks of no exercise and bad eating will get you. I am more than a little bummed about it all but I had known that I was heading up for a while. But I am taking solace in the fact that I have 4 days a week coming where I can get out for a run and/or to the gym. That is only 10 days away. In terms of actual exercise done? None. I have accomplished nothing this week. Continue reading

Friday Fitness

This week has sort of been a bust when it comes to working out but on the other hand I am so proud of the fact that once I got back on an even keel I lept right back onto the fitness bus, even though it felt like it was already speeding away from me!

But this is what my calendar looks like so far (I scanned this on Tuesday so the last few days aren’t there yet but on Wednesday and Thursday I rested due to feeling decidedly ill and today I got some Total Gym time in)


All of the Perth days are the days that I was visiting with my friend in Perth while her mother was in hospital. I did take along my workout clothes but I still feel guilty asking my family to mind  the munchkins while I get my sweat on. However by Friday I was over it and so got a one time membership to the local gym which was not a mistake but probably not something I will repeat. I am due to go back next Tuesday for the funeral which will mean another 2 days in the car where I will be missing working up a sweat but I’m sure I can find a way to work around it. Perhaps running in the morning before I leave and then again before I drive to come back.

The other exciting thing to happen is that the iPod that I am bribing myself with in the pic above has arrived!! I am so stinkin excited! This little baby is specifically for my gym workouts, as I have to run with my phone anyway so I see no point in doubling up.Photo on 13-01-2015 at 2.08 pm

As of this morning I weigh: 85kg

I have lost 3.5 cm this week although I have no idea how. Surely the scale will have to start going down soon as well as the cm?

I came across this video earlier in the week and shared it all over my FB page but I wanted to share it here as well because I love it so very much (click on the picture):

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 2.21.34 pm

How are your fitness goals travelling for 2015? Have you seen any progress? Please let me know in the comments!

January challenge is off track

So I set myself a challenge at the beginning of the month to exercise 5 days a week for the month of January. I figure that at the end of 4 weeks I should then have formed a habit more or less.

Unfortunately I have had to make an emergency trip to the big smoke meaning that the wheels have officially fallen off between the long drive followed by several late nights. That said I picked it up this morning after running an errand and got into the gym at 7am. As it wasn’t my gym I was required to pay a one off visitors fee of $20 which is more than I pay for my weekly membership at my regular gym!! Insane!

That said I got to follow through on my second workout routine for the first time today which was awesome. I also got a chance to try deadlifts with the heavy bar, although as I couldn’t get the clips on properly I spent the entire time stressing over whether or not I was going to start dropping plates off the sides. There was no issue in the end but I am so glad to be going back to my regular gym for my next workout.

I am pretty sure that I will be restricting my workouts to running and body weight exercises when I am in the big smoke from now on because unless it is urgent $20 is a ridiculous amount to pay for one visit to a gym.

As for my running I have had a serious victory since my last fitness post in that I conquered 5km! I did it! I am slow, ridiculously so but I did it!


My weight is still holding steady and I haven’t done any of my measurements for a couple of weeks but I am pretty sure that I have self sabotaged by eating far too much junk recently. Once I get home that will be changing. Hopefully then I will have something more positive to report.

Friday Fitness

I have been looking for a way to be accountable for my fitness or lack thereof for a while and.. well… This seems like as good an idea as any!

So I am a wannabe runner… Actually no you know what I am a runner. I run slowly and I am certainly not competing against anyone but myself but I run, and I enjoy it.

At the moment I am re-doing the C25K routine because I am sorry to say that after completing the bridge run in September of last year I let my running lapse and didn’t really start again until we moved. Needless to say I ended up back at square one both with my weight and with my fitness.

So my starting weight is: 85kg (yipes! when did THAT happen)


I do my best to get out and run/walk at least 3 times a week, sometimes 4 if I can manage it. I am also adding a gym member ship and pump classes to the mix. Although a small blip as appeared in the form of Bowen Therapy. I have had lower back pain and some pain in my left leg for a while now and decided to give bowen therapy a try after hearing good things. One of the therapists first rules was no running for the next few weeks so that she can get my back sorted. Boo! But here’s to hoping it makes a difference right? So pump classes alone it is, but that will give me a great foundation to get back out there ASAP once I AM allowed to run again!


I have also started tracking calories on MFP and have managed to stay reasonably consistent with it. When I can say I have logged in for 7 days in a row I will be a happy woman.

So the question is anyone have any no supplement/drink/crash diet advice? or has anyone tried bowen therapy and had some success?

Housework Wednesday

So I have realised one of the benefits to doing this every Wednesday morning. It shows me where the mess is, I had been sitting in the study fairly content in how the house looked before I went to take these pics and now I know that as soon as I have finished here I will be going out to tidy up. The advantage though is that there is no pre-prep for these photos. I haven’t cleaned up in preparation for taking them, I haven’t tidied up or wiped anything down. This is our real house just after the morning crazy.

So without further ado:

So in the study you can see my Avon case that I have hauled down to get something out of the box below it and a couple of pairs of my dirty socks and shoes as I usually come in here to stretch and he a chat with The Man in the mornings after my runs. The shoes at least are from this morning, see:


I am slower than a turtle stampeding through peanut butter but I ran!

Anyway back to the task at hand, the kitchen is neat enough, I am happy with it but the lounge definitely needs a pickup as does the bedroom (I blame this room on The Man, no matter what I do his clothes NEVER end up in the basket!).

But to be honest I am happy that the house will probably need a quick tidy and a regular clean before our rent inspection tomorrow… Yeesh!