So much crazy and yet utterly ordinary

So the Mess Makers have all been at school for the last few weeks which has been alternately AWESOME! But also a little bit sad, I miss having the babies around for those extra days and the house is so quiet when they aren’t all here! I never thought I would be sad that they are all at school but for the minute it’s true. Mind you I am expecting that to change a bit once I get started back at uni…. which happens on MONDAY!! Cue the scream of terror:


I have just gone through and printed out the course outlines and entered all of the dates into my planner and written out allot of the readings into my uni-pages. IMG_3791

My planner isn’t pretty but I am really hoping it’s going to be functional. :).

I have got a small issue that the readings for COU3101 aren’t actually listed in the course plan they are simply listed under each module… so helpful. So I have all of the modules printed out and am simply going to print them a week ahead so that I have them on hand for when I need them. Right now my reading pile for week 1 looks like this:


Yup… I am FREAKING OUT!! But in a good way. So let the madness begin.

But in the meantime this weekend is going to be fun. Mischief and Mayhem have dance class first thing on Saturday (yay!) which they are both enjoying. Then almost straight away (we get an hour in-between to get back to the car and get ourselves sorted) we have hockey tryouts for Moody and Mischief. I figure they can do it for a season, if they love it great, if not then they can give it away but it gives them a grounding in another sport at least. Mayhem was all sorts of devastated when he found out he couldn’t participate but they only do 5 and up and he is not yet 5 unfortunately. Cue the big blue eyes welling with tears and the very pouty bottom lip. He is beyond adorable when he sulks.

After all of that fun Mischief and Mayhem are going to Nanna’s for the night and Moody is going to his Dad’s, which means MAMA GETS A NIGHT OFF!! I have a very clear idea of what I am going to do, it involves sitting on a dark beach all alone. I am so looking forward to it. Then Sunday morning I have all to myself as well so the current plan is to get up early and go for my long run which will be 4 miles which is about 6.5km. I am working from an American training plan but given that the race I want to run is tracked in miles it seems appropriate. 🙂

So life is a moving with that normal crazy making everything is going so fast and yet SO. VERY. SLOW pace which is maddening and really really fun. I can’t wait to see what this semester brings.

Good luck to all of the students out there.


Housework Wednesday

So that house inspection that I was so confident of passing… yup I flunked it. She is coming back in 2 weeks to re-inspect. Apparently our agent is known around town for being a complete hardass. So we have a list of stuff she wants fixed, some of her complaints were completely fair:

  • Grass growing in the garden beds – although it was there before we moved in
  • oven dirty – I have no excuse, none at all, I just didn’t get there.
  • mould in the showers … yeah lets not even go there I am squicked out as well. But it was little enough that I genuinely just missed it. Note to self exit mould is my friend in this house!

But some of it was just ridiculous:

  • The back patio needs sweeping
  • the floors aren’t vacuumed – I vacuumed them 2 days before I just hadn’t done them before she arrived.
  • the door tracks had grass in them – as in dead grass from when we mowed the lawns 2 days ago….
  • Moody’s bedroom was messy
  • There was (shock horror) hair on my ensuite floor…

So Housework Wednesday

IMG_1146There are some minor bits and pieces that have changed since yesterday chiefly among them that he kitchen was MUCH neater and Mayhem’s shoes weren’t in the middle of the lounge but this is what she was pretty much looking at and we still got busted. But lesson learned, when the agent is a hardass play the game and sweep the damn floors!! But seriously I have an oven cleaning kit sitting in my kitchen and have already exit moulded the showers (I think that will become a weekly habit actually 🙂 ).

Housework Wednesday

So I have realised one of the benefits to doing this every Wednesday morning. It shows me where the mess is, I had been sitting in the study fairly content in how the house looked before I went to take these pics and now I know that as soon as I have finished here I will be going out to tidy up. The advantage though is that there is no pre-prep for these photos. I haven’t cleaned up in preparation for taking them, I haven’t tidied up or wiped anything down. This is our real house just after the morning crazy.

So without further ado:

So in the study you can see my Avon case that I have hauled down to get something out of the box below it and a couple of pairs of my dirty socks and shoes as I usually come in here to stretch and he a chat with The Man in the mornings after my runs. The shoes at least are from this morning, see:


I am slower than a turtle stampeding through peanut butter but I ran!

Anyway back to the task at hand, the kitchen is neat enough, I am happy with it but the lounge definitely needs a pickup as does the bedroom (I blame this room on The Man, no matter what I do his clothes NEVER end up in the basket!).

But to be honest I am happy that the house will probably need a quick tidy and a regular clean before our rent inspection tomorrow… Yeesh!

Ugh – the house work!

A big part of the concern for me with planning on going back to study next year is that I have never quite managed to tackle the SAHM job description. I come from a family of clean freaks, at least on my Mum’s side. These are people who mop their floor twice a day, every day, whether they have left the house or not… I am the family piglet. I take after my Father’s side of the family our houses are messy and chaotic and you will usually find some sort of cracker in between the couch cushions on a good day, right after spring cleaning, the rest of the time it could be a smorgasbord. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Mum’s family and they love me but I am not like them. Which has been a source of angst for me. Not to mention a serious source of worry. After all at the moment I am at home, with 2 munchkins ALL DAY (while Moody is at school of course), and I am just doing the Mummy thing ALL DAY. Well I am doing the Mummy thing and a bit of the cleaning thing all day.

My point is that I seriously need to kick myself in the tush. You see if my house gets any worse I swear we might as well be living in a pigsty. There is no surface that is uncluttered, no room that is clean, no space that is organised and I am sick of it. I am afraid that once I do start studying that my house will just devolve into one of those houses that you see on How Clean Is My House. I am afraid that my kids will be ashamed to have friends over and that I will be unable to find anything. Not to mention the effect that it could potentially have on my study, I mean procrastinating by doing a load of dishes you buy 5 minutes maybe 10 before sitting down. Procrastinating by doing the last 2 weeks worth of dishes…. yeah. Then of course there is the lounge room floor that is perpetually swamped by toys and books and knick knacks courtesy of the Mess Makers.

But the question then becomes how the heck do I combine study with maintaining and hell IMPROVING my house? Most of the time when someone takes on a new activity as time sucking as university study the standard line is something will have to give, the housework will be there tomorrow. But what happens when you already use that mantra? You see I need to have some sense of order in my house and at the moment there is none. I mean how are you supposed to study at a desk that looks like this?

Oh wow...

Oh wow…

At the moment I have Avon brochures (a WAHM project that I am now giving away – it may work for others but it hasn’t worked for me so I will be attempting to do parties but not distribute catalogues and stuff anymore) and products, running gear, tea boxes (don’t ask) Moody’s past school work, stationary and a hairbrush amongst other stuff. Too much STUFF.

So from now on Wednesdays are going to be my reporting on the house days. I figure for the first few weeks or potentially months I am going to be horribly embarrassed but this blog is all about improvement and growth. I will post a collage of our house so that you can see the mess – but small enough so that you can’t see the mess clearly (yes I am that ashamed) I will probably also post pictures of the bits that I am actively working on that week so that you can see what it is that I am doing and why. So for the first collage

My messy messy house

My messy messy house

My project this week is a few fold:

  1. Tackle the master bedroom because HELLO it’s difficult to get up to the Mess Makers when they cry in the middle of the night with all of the mess in the way.
  2. List all of the moving stuff that we need to do in preparation for our move
  3. Start doing the stuff on the list.
  4. Packing packing packing.

I am more than a little ashamed by this. In fact I am actually probably a little horrified at myself. But this is the beginning, not the end. Over the next few weeks my house is going to improve markedly but that is mainly because we are packing to move so most of the mess is literally going to be packed into boxes and put away so that come moving day which is at the end of September will literally be a “pickup and go” affair.