Yes and no and maybe


Well the Tinman picked up the phone this week. Right on schedule. He is becoming predictable, 5 weeks of no contact and then he answers week 6… but the kids were all happy to speak to him which makes me happy. Continue reading


Slowly getting into the groove.

This last week has been a bit of a wash. In fact it was a total wash. I achieved next to nothing in the way of study leaving me almost a full week behind!! Not good this early in the semester but I am sure that I will catch up. Continue reading

Only in dreams…

This past week has been allot of fun.

The Russian and I had a chance to go to another class over the weekend which was amazing. We both learned a tonne of new things and I was so pleased to have an opportunity to see him again as it’s been over a month since we have seen each other. I also got to meet his new girlfriend who is really cute! She is lovely and funny and she seems sweet. He certainly seems smitten with her which is wonderful to see. I also met someone new, there is nothing to report on but he is the first guy in a while to even strike a chord with me which was a nice feeling to have. As I have said before I am certainly not looking to date, but it’s nice to feel alive IYKWIM? Continue reading

So much crazy and yet utterly ordinary

So the Mess Makers have all been at school for the last few weeks which has been alternately AWESOME! But also a little bit sad, I miss having the babies around for those extra days and the house is so quiet when they aren’t all here! I never thought I would be sad that they are all at school but for the minute it’s true. Mind you I am expecting that to change a bit once I get started back at uni…. which happens on MONDAY!! Cue the scream of terror:


I have just gone through and printed out the course outlines and entered all of the dates into my planner and written out allot of the readings into my uni-pages. IMG_3791

My planner isn’t pretty but I am really hoping it’s going to be functional. :).

I have got a small issue that the readings for COU3101 aren’t actually listed in the course plan they are simply listed under each module… so helpful. So I have all of the modules printed out and am simply going to print them a week ahead so that I have them on hand for when I need them. Right now my reading pile for week 1 looks like this:


Yup… I am FREAKING OUT!! But in a good way. So let the madness begin.

But in the meantime this weekend is going to be fun. Mischief and Mayhem have dance class first thing on Saturday (yay!) which they are both enjoying. Then almost straight away (we get an hour in-between to get back to the car and get ourselves sorted) we have hockey tryouts for Moody and Mischief. I figure they can do it for a season, if they love it great, if not then they can give it away but it gives them a grounding in another sport at least. Mayhem was all sorts of devastated when he found out he couldn’t participate but they only do 5 and up and he is not yet 5 unfortunately. Cue the big blue eyes welling with tears and the very pouty bottom lip. He is beyond adorable when he sulks.

After all of that fun Mischief and Mayhem are going to Nanna’s for the night and Moody is going to his Dad’s, which means MAMA GETS A NIGHT OFF!! I have a very clear idea of what I am going to do, it involves sitting on a dark beach all alone. I am so looking forward to it. Then Sunday morning I have all to myself as well so the current plan is to get up early and go for my long run which will be 4 miles which is about 6.5km. I am working from an American training plan but given that the race I want to run is tracked in miles it seems appropriate. 🙂

So life is a moving with that normal crazy making everything is going so fast and yet SO. VERY. SLOW pace which is maddening and really really fun. I can’t wait to see what this semester brings.

Good luck to all of the students out there.


So what do I do when I’m stressed… add more!

So after the eventful year last year the Christmas break from uni and school has been kinda restful – I say kinda because although I love the kids having them all home all the time has been challenging. They are typical kids and are pushing boundaries (like pouring water on the carpet… and putting dirty footprints on the ceiling… yup).  Continue reading

Aaaand I disappeared again!

I am so sorry. Life got ridiculously busy and I knew I wanted to write but completely ran out of time, repeatedly. So things are ticking along nicely here. Although study is taking over my life, we listen to lectures in the car, in bed, while I’m cooking, while I’m in the shower I study for hours a day and I still feel like I’m behind. I am constantly exhausted from staying up ridiculously late studying… but I am enjoying it for the most part.


The down side is that the house is suffering (I will do housework Thursday, today is literally a pop in and reassure anyone who is reading that I haven’t died) and I feel like I am constantly forgetting EVERYTHING. Which is the reason why I will be reviewing one of my most favourite apps of all time this week… probably tomorrow in fact seeing as it is related to housework (unfortunately no it doesn’t remotely control the iron, vacuum cleaner and mop).

As for settling in we are slowly getting  there, I have met a few ladies at the local school which is nice and a few at the gym which is also nice. Really though I need to get out and socialise at some point… although that will have to wait until I’m not studying quite so much…. or until I have holidays or something…

Anyone else being swallowed whole by the requirements of study? Any efficiency tips?