Study Progress

Well I think it would be fair to say that my head is already spinning and my desk has devolved into some sort of paper pit! I am more than a little overwhelmed but looking so forward to learning as much as possible (don’t worry I have been told that this optimism kick I am on will wear off soon).


So far everything is pretty much tickety boo, I have all of my classes signed in, all of my books and am ahead in my reading (although one of my class lecturers insists on us reading a half dozen different texts OUTSIDE of our class text as required reading… which we have to look for… welcome to uni right?) and am feeling somewhat in control although I fear that I will have to get mighty efficient very fast because this dawdling that I am doing is not going to help in the long run. I am not quite sure how to make that happen though.┬áSo far I have been restricting my reading time to Mondays while Mischief and Moody are at school while Mayhem is watching TV and then nap times the rest of the week and after they’re all in bed. I will probably have to work on Saturdays and start getting up earlier as well.

Today I finished up watching one of the videos assigned on Freud and how his work was impacted by the times which is interesting as well as blogging (hello) and then just now I did a T25 workout which was AWESOME. Literally dripping with sweat as I type… which is not a mental picture you needed I am sure! But it really is a kickass workout. Although my feet are killing me from all of the jumping, although I am a runner I am convinced that I must land differently when running to when I am doing this because my feet are so danged sore! Hopefully that will ease once my body gets a little more used to the program.



This afternoon we have park time on the schedule which means that I will probably do a few pull-ups and whatever else I can think of while we are there. I am done with feeling like a blimp, I want back into my skinny clothes NOW! After that the In-laws are coming for dinner which will be lovely – they are in town but have been staying away out of some sense of – I don’t know what, worry maybe that they are going to upset me by being here, but truthfully I actually enjoy it. They are lovely people and they love my kids and my DH and I genuinely LIKE them not just love them so I have no idea but I can’t seem to convince them that it’s OK for them to come more often.

Busy day but I am happy as a pig in mud, and seeing as I currently smell just like said pig I am going to go shower and change and wash these clothes so that I can rinse and repeat tomorrow – it is going to be a long 60 days.