T25 has officially kicked my ass!

So as a surprise The Man went out and got me the T25 set of workout stuff. I was so excited to give it a try because HELLO great results in 25 minutes a day!! Woo Hoo! So do you want to know how long I lasted? Well the program is 25 minutes long…. and we got the counter down to 13 minutes even…. yup we didn’t even get half way through!! DH had a cramp in his calf and by that stage I felt like I was going  to vomit… 12 minutes in and I was going to vomit! It is hardcore. So our goal is to do it again day after tomorrow and get the timer down to 10 minutes…. then assess when we get there.

I am determined to finish this program. It is not going to kick my ass!! At least not permanently.


So I started this blog just as a way of chronicling my study years which is probably me making a huge assumption, you see, I am currently waiting to hear back about an application that I put in for one of the local universities. I am planning on studying a double major of psychology and counselling while my kids are fairly little so that hopefully once they are a little more independent I will be able to rejoin the workforce at a reasonable rate of pay rather than the current position I am in where my skills are either on the decline or are outdated.

So as for the “mum” part of the url? I have 3 kids: Messy – a 9 year old boy with ADHD, Mischief – a 4 year old girl who isn’t naughty but you need to be aware of when she is too quiet, and Mayhem – a 2 year old boy who’s gift seems to be causing mayhem in our house. Of course I am ridiculously in love with all of my kids but I am by no means a pinterest mum (although I will absolutely admit to being addicted to that site!). My kids don’t do allot of way out art projects and their scrapbooks are woefully neglected. But we have fun. The final human member of our family is The Man who is of course the man of the house. His career is in hospitality which means we have had the joy of being able to experience different parts of our country while following his career. We also have 2 animal members of the family Dude an 11 year old one-eyed-ewok-wannabe and Sammy who is a 3 year old cat.

So I guess that until I hear back from the uni whether or not I got in that is about all I have to say! See you as soon as I have word.