Housework Wednesday

So I have realised one of the benefits to doing this every Wednesday morning. It shows me where the mess is, I had been sitting in the study fairly content in how the house looked before I went to take these pics and now I know that as soon as I have finished here I will be going out to tidy up. The advantage though is that there is no pre-prep for these photos. I haven’t cleaned up in preparation for taking them, I haven’t tidied up or wiped anything down. This is our real house just after the morning crazy.

So without further ado:

So in the study you can see my Avon case that I have hauled down to get something out of the box below it and a couple of pairs of my dirty socks and shoes as I usually come in here to stretch and he a chat with The Man in the mornings after my runs. The shoes at least are from this morning, see:


I am slower than a turtle stampeding through peanut butter but I ran!

Anyway back to the task at hand, the kitchen is neat enough, I am happy with it but the lounge definitely needs a pickup as does the bedroom (I blame this room on The Man, no matter what I do his clothes NEVER end up in the basket!).

But to be honest I am happy that the house will probably need a quick tidy and a regular clean before our rent inspection tomorrow… Yeesh!